Terms and Conditions of Use


These General Conditions govern the procurement of products and services offered by Adega Do Mollon, SL with CIF B32254575, hereinafter Adega Do Mollon, and advertising to its customers and / or users through its online store http: // www .pombares.com /, owned by Adega Do Mollon on registered office in ave. BUENOS AIRES 19, 33. LOCAL 32004 OURENSE (SPAIN).

These General Conditions regulate the conditions of purchase and the rights and obligations arising from the purchase and sale of items offered through http://www.pombares.com/

Definitions and Clarifications

CUSTOMER/CLIENT.- Client is considered anyone netizen that by the procedure detailed in these General Conditions, voluntarily register their data in the virtual store http://www.pombares.com in order to make a purchase.

VENDOR is considered to Adega Do Mollon, SL with CIF B32254575

CUSTOMER hired through the virtual store owned by Adega Do Mollon buying the goods, with the criteria and procedures that these General Terms and Conditions are described.

GENERAL CONTRATACIÓN.- standards are related in this document, fixed unilaterally by Adega Do Mollon, owner of the website http://www.pombares.com

These general conditions come to regulate the operation to purchase electronic products offered through the website of Adega Do Mollon, and have to be accepted by the customer through the mechanisms listed below. Any controversy or dispute between the customer and the VENDOR, which exceeds the regulation of these Terms are settled under applicable law.

Acceptance of general conditions of contract

The use by the CLIENT of these services electronic sales presupposes understanding and acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions in the version published in http://www.pombares.com, forming integral and inseparable part of the purchase agreement, the both parties agree and whose effectiveness operates at the time of signing the order at the request of the CLIENT, through the contracting mechanisms will be specified later, all in accordance with the provisions of art. 1255 of the Civil Code which enshrines the principle of autonomy and agreements between the contracting parties.

These conditions are available on the web page http://www.pombares.com button in the General Conditions, and it is imperative that the client read carefully and affirm understand and accept the Terms and Conditions before proceeding with a purchase requisition.

Adega Do Mollon reserves the right to modify, totally or partially, these general conditions, continue to apply the new agreed upon from the moment of its publication on the page. In any case, these changes will not have retroactive effects on the goods or services previously contracted by customers.

Being expressly alcoholic beverages should be clear that the sale of alcohol is prohibited to persons under 18 years.

Applicable legislation

To ensure in full the rights of consumers and customers http://www.pombares.com, these General Conditions are established in accordance with the provisions of current Spanish law at all times, particularly in Act 26 / 84 of 19 June for the General Defence of Consumers and Users, Law 7/98 of April 13 General Conditions of Contract, Law 47/2002 of the Retail Trade, Civil Code, Directive 2000/31 EC European Parliament and the Council of June 8, Law 34/2002 of July 11, services of information society and electronic commerce, Law 23/2003 of July 10 of Guarantees in the sale of Consumer Goods and other applicable laws and regulations. (RD1 / 2007).


The user of the website Adega Do Mollon entitled to free access to public information contained in it, although Adega Do Mollon reserves the right to restrict access to information, promotions and special offers its registered users , hereinafter CUSTOMERS.

Any user accessing the website http://www.pombares.com has the right to register as a client, and may therefore benefit from the intended special offers registered customers the group if it meets the specific conditions of the offer for each product specified.

Public information contained on the website http://www.pombares.com regarding both Adega do Mollon, as each of the brands, products, logos, wholesale companies and manufacturers of products and services offered are protected by the laws on intellectual property, so the copy, transmission, transfer, sale or use by the customer is not authorized. Any use that does not have the express consent of Adega Do Mollon or the product manufacturer or brand owner and logos on the terms provided in section XI on Rights of Intellectual Property is prohibited.

STEP 1: Registration CUSTOMER

The user, prior to the execution of the purchase of any products offered through http://www.pombares.com character, must register their personal facts and circumstances necessary for the formalization of the purchase agreement (name or company name, DNI / NIF, address, email address, telephone / fax and delivery address). Once registered , the user will be considered a CLIENT.

The personal registration system will be completed with the appointment by the client of a personalized access code (login) and password (password) to help customers purchase future operations. In such case, the client may appoint its criterion the key and the desired password, provided they are available or not assigned to other customers. Through an automated process, Adega Do Mollon, if you like the CLIENT, generate the password and password for the client. Keys or passwords immoral, libelous, insulting, discriminatory or contravene the provisions of laws, or those with terms concerning brands, products and names protected by law or otherwise provided on Intellectual Property, Industrial contents will not be admitted to the rights to privacy, honor and image.

The CLIENT undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of its own password and password. Adega Do Mollon is exempt from any liability for the misuse or negligence by the CUSTOMER in fulfilling its obligation of confidentiality of their passwords.

In the case of purchases made ​​by credit card, Adega Do Mollon CUSTOMER may request some additional information as well as faxing photocopies of his identity card and / or credit card.

STEP 2: Request Order

The customer has a shopping cart, in which he charged product you want to buy, if you check the box “I have read and accept the General Terms and Conditions” shall be deemed to CLIENT understands and fully accepts. If instead the customer does not check “I have read and accept the Terms of” conclude the operation and will not involve the assumption of any obligation by the CLIENT.

Once the S EQUEST Order through the website, the customer will receive an email confirming that the request has been submitted. With confirmation of receipt of the S EQUEST Order, a copy of the “General Conditions of Contract” will be delivered.


Adega Do Mollon is committed to deliver products in perfect condition in the direction that the user indicate in the order form, within the normal working hours.

Adega Do Mollon not be liable for errors caused in the delivery when the shipping address entered by the user in the order form does not conform to reality or has been omitted.

The maximum time limit for delivery is thirty (30) days set by default in the Act. However, the usual delivery time is 3-15 working days from the date of order, being the estimated time in Spain 3 to 5 working days; EU 3 to 7 and 5 to 12 working days in other countries. The schedule for orders Monday through Friday from 9am to 14pm on weekdays according to the Spanish calendar. Orders placed outside these hours will to be processed on the next business day.

  • These deadlines are means and therefore an estimate or n. Therefore, you may var í í log in sticas reasons or force majeure. In cases of late deliveries, ADEGA MOLL DO TION inform its customers upon becoming aware of it.
  • Each delivery is considered completed from the moment in which the carrier makes the product disposition or user n, which materializes é s trav control system used by the company nor transport
  • In the case of delays in delivery of orders attributable to Adega do MOLL TION, you could to cancel your order in accordance with the procedure described in the Returns section, like a defective order it were, without assuming the costs env í oy returns , exchanges or n. Is not considered to n delays in delivery cases where the order has been placed at the disposition or n user by NI company to transport within the agreed time and has not been delivered for reasons attributable to the user.

If at the time of delivery the user is absent, the carrier will leave a receipt indicating how to proceed to arrange a new delivery.

If after 7 working days from departure to delivery of the order had not been entered into the delivery, the user must contact Adega Do Mollon. If the user does not do so, after 10 days from departure to delivery of the order, it will be returned to stores Adega Do Mollon and the user will be responsible for shipping costs and return to origin merchandise, as well as any costs associated management.

If you have not been able to make the delivery package is lost, our carrier will initiate an investigation. In such cases, Adega Do Mollon will contact with the user to decide whether to cancel the order and pays the amount paid (cost of goods and shipping), or if resubmitted a new order at no additional cost.

At the time of delivery, the user should check the condition of the package to the transport company on behalf of Adega Do Mollon, make product delivery, indicating on the delivery note any anomaly that could detect on the packaging . If later, after reviewing the product, the user detects any incident as a blow, breakage or any damage caused to it by sending, it must communicate by e-mail to Adega Do Mollon in the shortest possible time (maximum 5 days working), to process the refund.

Shipping charges are calculated based on the delivery area and the total weight of the order, as follows:

For higher weights, it is considered wholesale and budget must be ordered through the contact form.


The user has 14 calendar days to return your purchase, without stating any reason and assuming only the direct cost of returning.

The days are counted from the day the customer or a third party on your behalf, you receive the packet, that is, from the day that consists on the delivery or part delivery.

Adega Do Mollon return all the payments received (amount, VAT and normal shipping rates as they have requested additional conditions as “urgent”, this amount will not be returned).

Adega Do Mollon agrees to return payments 14 calendar days, maximum, from receiving the communication of withdrawal, provided that they have received the product in perfect condition and in its original packaging, including everything that he had forwarded and their labels in perfect condition at the address Adega do Mollon in CASANOVA-Mollon 32448 Nogueira de Ramuin (Ourense) SPAIN. Exceptionally, Adega Do Mollon may withhold reimbursement payment, if having received notice of withdrawal, although not he had received the returned merchandise.

Adega Do Mollon return the money by the same means used for the purchase, unless the customer has expressly indicated at the time of purchase other means of repayment.

Notwithstanding the above provisions, it is excluded from the right of withdrawal and / or resolution in those cases where, by the very nature of the items to be acquired, it is impossible to carry out. (TAILOR -MADE PRODUCTS AND CUSTOM DESIGNS).

You can communicate your desire to discontinue using the contact form


For a return is accepted, returned products must meet the following requirements:

  • The deadline to apply m to maximum returns and exchanges no change or a product is 30 h to Biles, counting from the date of receipt thereof or n.
  • The unwanted product must be in the same state it was delivered, and must retain their original packaging and labeling.
  • A copy of the delivery note inside the package, where the returned products are marked and the reason for return should be included.

If compliance with the requirements of the previous point, Adega Do Mollon send the user an e-mail confirming the acceptance of the return, and proceed to the payment of the amount of returned products, minus the cost of returning them. The expenses shipping order will be refunded only in the case of defective or incorrect products.


Prices shown on the screen next to each product shall be expressed in euro with 21% VAT (value added tax) included therein. At this price the shipping costs corresponding in each case added later.

Any discounts or promotional gifts will be freely directed by ADEGA do Mollón collective appointed at any time by the company, or depending on the product offered according to existing advertising at all times on their website.

On occasion surcharges may apply for order management. These surcharges will appear in the shopping cart before the end CUSTOMER Application Order and an explanatory note.

The offers will be duly marked and identified as such. Adega Do Mollon reserves the right to make, at any time and without notice, any changes it deems appropriate and can update daily products and prices according to the market. The price applicable to the purchase requisition made ​​by the CLIENT is that constase at the time of accepting the General Terms and Conditions. Once the order is confirmed, Adega Do Mollon reserves the right to notify the CUSTOMER of any errors present price in the order, having the power client can cancel your order request if the final price will result very different from the initially indicated, being repaid if applicable, the amount paid and offering alternative possibilities that satisfy the customer.

Shipping costs for destinations other than the Peninsula (Spanish territory) are approximate and may vary depending on the volume that have the items in the order form and specific requirements for international shipping. In this case the Customer Service Adega do MOLLON will contact the customer to notifying you and request authorization to process the order request with the new conditions.

Product Features Through entered in the Web page menu, the CUSTOMER may obtain information about the product in terms of: technical characteristics, description and manufacturer ‘s mark, photo orientation (if any).

Order acceptance and termination clause at the time of placing the order (option “Acceptance Order” menu) means provided the customer ‘s consent for the validity and effectiveness of the sales contract which binds the parties. Adega Do Mollon electronically store the order. The commitment made ​​by the seller of sale and delivery of the merchandise offered is subject to stock the advertised product and its availability while stocks last, so the selling party in its commitment to quality and customer service, try to all times that advertised products are available. However, in exceptional circumstances interactive multiple orders or those which cause to stock the product, the order and the contract between the parties shall be void under this clause, fully restoring the client in case of prepaid the amounts paid by it, without it being necessary for any compensation in respect of any breach of contract, damages or lost profits parts.

Payment: The customer will pay your purchase in advance, at the time of shipping Requisition using PayPal or a credit card: VISA, MasterCard and other specified in the Shopping Cart cards.

In this case the customer agrees that the bank operating the payment gateway included in WWW.POMBARES.COM charge your card in advance the amount indicated in the Shopping Cart. For safety reasons, if the personal data provided in WWW.POMBARES.COM are different from the information in the PayPal account used for payment, Adega Do Mollon reserves the right not to accept payment may void the Requisition, if I had doubts that the buyer is not the holder of the PayPal account used. For safety reasons, in the case of credit card payment web as both manually, ADEGA do Mollón may ask the customer to send a copy of your identity document or any other document proving the identity of the customer.

Adega Do Mollon reserves the right to not accept payment by credit card can cancel the order request, if it had doubts that the buyer is not the holder of the credit card provided and if after having notified the CUSTOMER not I would like access to use another form of payment.

The CUSTOMER may cancel any order request before finally confirm your purchase order. If the order has been confirmed via e-mail or any other means of communication must be adhered to the provisions of section “Withdrawal / unilateral revocation of the requested order” of these conditions of sale and delivery of the product contained in the Terms general.

Invoice: The sale and billing management will be taken over directly by Adega Do Mollon. The bill will reach the customer with the goods purchased.

Adega Do Mollon warns that it can not subsequently modify sales invoices in compliance with current regulations. The invoice will be issued in the name of the person or company placing the order, so the client must ensure ordering the correct name. They will not be possible later changes.

Delivery of purchased products: within approximately 15 working days for the actual delivery of the product is established as from the full completion of the order. The delivery of the goods depends on the locality where the Commission shall be made ​​available to the CLIENT.
In the event of delay in more than 15 working days of receiving approximately within the product set to formalize the order, delivery CLIENT can contact Adega Do Mollon through phone Customer Service. Adega Do Mollon will make every effort to meet the deadline of delivery indicated and if I have learned that for any reason not be able to communicate it fulfilled via e-mail or phone the CLIENT. If the delay is for reasons attributable to Adega Do Mollon, the customer, upon written complaint (letter, fax or e-mail) may unilaterally cancel the order, restituyéndosele the amounts paid.

Place and manner of delivery. The order will be delivered to the address designated at the time of recruitment by the customer. The subsequent modification of the place of delivery requested by the customer may generate additional costs on the selling price will be at the expense of the buyer.

The goods will be delivered to the customer through the corresponding transport company, accompanying invoice data to identify the customer entered, the order and the number of packages in the shipment. The goods are covered at all times against risks of transport, loss and manipulation. If verify the customer at the time of delivery errors in the goods received or that it is visibly damaged, it must state the circumstances on the bill and to inform Adega Do Mollon these facts within 24 hours in writing (e-mail to INFO@POMBARES.COM). The seller will cover shipping costs and / or collection at home and replace the defective product at no additional charge. In any case the customer must verify that the goods have been delivered in perfect condition. Later claims to 24 hours after delivery they can not be accepted.

The merchandise that has not been delivered within 10 business days (working calendar nationwide) from the exit of the same facilities Adega Do Mollon for reasons not attributable to the seller shall be returned to it, running by the CUSTOMER expenses incurred in the new shipment.

Adega Do Mollon serve their products on the website only in Spain (Peninsula). Orders outside this territory may not be served. If S EQUEST receive an Order from an area where it is impossible to send the requested items, Adega Do Mollon notify the customer within a maximum period of 30 days.

Withdrawal / unilateral revocation of the requested order:

In accordance with the provisions of Law 47/2002 of the Retail Trade, the client (natural or legal persons who acquire, use or enjoy the product as final recipients) will be entitled to revoke the order requested within seven working days from the receipt. Any return, withdrawal or revocation in the execution of the sales contract shall be communicated in writing to THE VENDOR.

To proceed with the return, the customer must communicate with VENDOR PART. by e-mail, or by mail, to establish the appropriate channels of return (return number, form and delivery address return shipping). If exercising this right of withdrawal by the customer will return expenses and the damage sustained by the product or merchandise. THE VENDOR accept only minimal wear of the product due exclusively to its test to make a decision on its final acquisition without altering the conditions of the product at the time of delivery. In cases of excessive use of either such return is not accepted. Management of product return must be performed by the customer (please ensure the goods) and is absolutely essential that we get PREPAID.

The seller will not be responsible for refunds on handled by the client, or those goods that are returned incomplete both in its main elements as accessories.

There shall be no right of withdrawal beyond the deadline, or on products subject to fluctuations in a market not controlled by Adega Do Mollon, or on perishable objects, objects that can be easily reproduced immediately or which by their nature can not be returned . Nor shall the withdrawal of goods or orders that may be considered their special characteristics as that requested by the client.

Not be considered of consumers and customers who without becoming final recipients acquire, store, use or consume goods or services in order to integrate them into processes of production, processing, marketing or provision to third parties, so do not benefit from the rights granted to consumers.

Instructions for shipping returned products

The subject merchandise return will be delivered to the carrier of Adega Do Mollon for shipment.

To avoid any incident, it is necessary that the products they are protected by an outer packaging – as it has received CUSTOMER at home – and avoid any kind of damage or manipulation of the original product packaging during transport. For any questions about the proper delivery of products, please consult our Customer Service department.


Warranty products sold by Adega Do Mollon, lends and establishes under the rules contained in Law 47/2002 of the Retail Trade and regulations in force at all times, legal framework that aims to provide the consumer with options for require sanitation when the purchased goods not in accordance with the contract, giving the option to require repair or replacement of the goods, unless this is impossible or disproportionate. When the repair or replacement is not possible or are disproportionate, the consumer may claim a price reduction or termination of the contract.

Warranty period

In case of lack of conformity of the product, SELLING PART responsible for faults that become apparent within two years. The computation of the warranty shall begin on the day of delivery.

The client must inform the selling part of the lack of conformity within two months after he has knowledge of it. Now, only 6 months after delivery shall be presumed that the lack of conformity existed at the time of delivery, corresponding to the buyer to prove, in the remaining 18 months (that is, from the seventh to end two years ) that was not as good, all in accordance with Article 9 and following of the Act. Commercial Warranty: manufacturers may offer additional guarantees, the extent and duration differ between products and brands. Such guarantees shall be exclusively borne by the manufacturer is obliged to them.

Warranty Limits

Under current legislation, the seller is obliged to deliver to the consumer which are in conformity with the contract of sale. Therefore the seller liable to the consumer for any lack of conformity which exists at the time of delivery of the goods. In legal terms the consumer recognizes the right to good repair, its replacement, the price reduction and termination of the contract. Customers benefit from the guarantee offered by the firm Adega Do Mollon, in accordance with Law 7/1996 of 15 January, of the Retail Trade.

Defects or damage due to incorrect use or handling of articles or wear caused by normal use thereof are not included in this warranty, nor, damage to , or misuse of washing instructions, that come in each garment.


Adega Do Mollon not liable for interruptions that occur in electrical or telecommunications services that prevent customers from using the services offered.


These general conditions are ruled by the Spanish Law. The parties submit, at its option, to resolve conflicts and renouncing any other jurisdiction, the courts of the user / client ‘s home.