Adega do Mollón - Ribeira Sacra

Our Winery

In the heart of  Ribeira Sacra

The winery is located in the place of O Mollón, Viñoás parish (Nogueira de Ramuín – Spain) is installed in a two-story building with an underground cellar for the storage of bottled wine, with a total area of ​​680 m2.

Our Facilities

Instalaciones Pombares

The installed production capacity is 102,000 liters and it has enough space for its expansion to 500,000 liters.

It has stainless steel production tanks, French oak barrels and vats and cold equipment as well as temperature control, microfiltering and bottling facilities.

Cold installation and temperature control

The main production tanks are connected to a temperature control system that allows the must to be kept in optimum temperature conditions to obtain the highest quality.

This installation is also used for the tartaric stabilization of the wine in a later phase.

Ribeira Sacra Pombares

Our Wineyards

We have our own vineyards that allow us to perfectly control the quality of the grapes brought into the winery.

Most of the grapes come from vineyards located in the parish of Viñoás, Nogueira de Ramuín (Ourense).

To maintain this structure of own production, Adega do Mollón, S.L. has promoted a vineyard development project supported by Terras de Ramuín S.L. which aims to bring together and coordinate the efforts of the area in the production of quality grapes. This society is open to winegrowers in the area and currently has 15 partners who have contributed their farms and resources necessary for its efficient exploitation.

The predominant red variety grown is Mencía, complemented with Garnacha Tintorera, Tempranillo and Sousón (recently planted). Among the white varieties, Godello stands out as the main variety, complemented by Treixadura and Albariño.

The extension is 4 Ha of which 60% are in full production.

Ribeira Sacra Pombares

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